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        Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women:

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        We unite organizations and individuals in the Ottawa region who are working to end gender-based violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women works to bring a gender-based violence (GBV) lens to aspects of everyday life where we can help prevent and address violence. From policing, public transit, in restaurants and at festivals, to life on campuses and beyond, OCTEVAW is a community-maker, a bridge-builder, and a unifying voice for a coalition of organizations and individuals in the Ottawa region who are all working towards the same goal: addressing, reducing, and preventing ultimately ending GBV and VAW.

        Our Impact

        OCTEVAW provides a communal advocacy platform and a uniting voice for more than 30 local member agencies, all of which share the common goal of eliminating gender-based violence.


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        Our membership is made up of 35 local non-partisan, non-profit organizations, in addition to 10+ non-voting, participants members, such as municipal departments and police services. OCTEVAW is also proud to welcome many individual voting members.



        Years Serving ottawa

        OCTEVAW was born out of a need for a community forum to take action on gender-based violence. After the City of Ottawa struck a Task Force on Wife Assault in 1984, organized advocacy was needed to ensure task force’s recommendations were implemented, and momentum sustained.



        Public education campaigns

        OCTEVAW focuses its resources on public education, harm reduction, and survivor-centric campaigns. Our work is only able to continue with the invaluable support of our community. Through our countless fundraisers and events, we foster feminist communities while funding societal change.

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        Our Projects

        OCTEVAW recognizes that gender-based violence does not have one easy fix. It is an intersectional and multifaceted issue, requiring an intersectional and multifaceted response. That’s why OCTEVAW has launched 11 campaigns and projects and counting, with our focus ranging from violence in tech, to tackling toxic masculinity, to producing resources for members of the media who seek to improve the way they represent survivors and their stories.

        We focus on advocacy through campaigns, seminars, workshops, and the creation of resources so that our member organizations can focus their energies on the vital frontline work that many of them conduct.


        Words from our founder, Joan Gullen

        The coalition model was conceived as a community-based grassroots and collaborative approach. It was based on a clear understanding that the power to influence public policy rested on an organized, broad and cohesive constituency that could articulate its purpose and reflect women’s experiences and the view of service providers at the ground level.



        Get Involved

        Our community work needs your support! Learn more about the work of our partner organizations, join us as a volunteer, or make a donation.


        Look up a partner organization

        Many of our partner organizations are engaged in the front lines of combatting gender-based violence.

        Volunteer opportunities

        We are always looking for new volunteers to assist with events, work on our campaigns, and bring fresh perspectives and insights to our organization. We look forward to hearing from you!

        Make a Donation

        Your donations of any size help us prevent violence, respond to violence, and hold the patriarchy accountable.


        OCTEVAW's First Response to Concerns About Disclosures

        OCTEVAW has recently been contacted by community members with concerns about how our organization responds when survivors disclose violence and abuse.

        We want to be transparent and accountable to all survivors, understanding that accountability is frequently denied to survivors of violence, causing them still more harm.

        So, we are listening to the voices of survivors and concerns community members have expressed about OCTEVAW.